Review Daiso Pencil Eyeliner in Dark Brown (Quick Review)


simple packaging
using the pencil for tightlining 



Lama nggak posting apa-apa. Hari ini yang kamu baca sekarang ini adalah review pencil eyeliner dari Daiso. Aku sebenernya bingung mau nulis review ini in english atau bahasa karena sepertinya peminat Daiso cosmetics and skin care di Indonesia belum banyak. Jadi ini lebih berguna ditulis dalam bahasa atau english? 

I think writing in english will be more useful. Probably you already know what is Daiso cause I see you come to see this review. There are some popular cosmetics and skin care stuffs from Daiso. The one that you might know it so well is the Daiso masks. But today, I’m going to review the pencil eyeliner. I am not a fan of pencil eyeliner but I really want to. The thing is I havent meet the right pencil eyeliner for myself. 

Lets start the review. There is nothing special about the packaging or the shape. Since Daiso store sell all stuffs very cheap. This stuff is probably sold at 1 or 2 USD. But it is much better because they package the eyeliner with a proper paper and also some information behind. I had purchased one set make up brush from China before and the packaging is terrible compare to the brush quality. I used the pencil to tightlining my eyes and setting a slightly wing. The consistensy is good. And also it is very easy to use compare to my Etude House Pencil Eyeliner. The brown colour slightly brighter compare to Etude House. The dark brown colour will appear after you slide for more layer. 

Is it smudging? Unfortunately yes it is. For the smudging it is similar to the Etude House pencil eyeliner that I had it before. But this one is cheaper and easier to use cause you can sharpen it right away. To take a note, the smudging is horrible but it only happens when you wash your face or have some tears. If you let it dry for all day, then the smudging will not be a bad dream for you.

left : one stroke, right : multiple stroke
after I swiped once
next, I swiped it for the second time

Is it good? Yes, it is worth the price. But the smudging is horrible. I swiped lightly and the colour is gone. Woul I repurchase this? No.

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