Moisture Your Skin With Marina Natural Hand and Body Lotion


Halooo everyone!

Today I'm going to review one of the most popular body lotion in the market! Yap Marina Natural ! I already spend the 350 ml of the product and it was awesome! So check the review !

It is really important to keep your skin moisturized after shower. Thats why you need a moisturizer  or lotion to moisture your body. Marina Natural hand and body lotion smell like a basic or regular body lotion. It doesnt smell too strong or you can not find any special fragrance in this product eventhough they claimed the product contained apple extracts. The product also include sunscreen as a protection from exposure to sunrays but honestly for the protection I'm not really sure since they dont really say what is the detail of the SPF or PA protection.

I love the smell because its doesnt smell too strong. I love the running liquid of the lotion. There are bunch of lotion in the market those having a creamy texture and I dont like it. Eventhough I am a dry skin type but I prefer to spend my money on a liquid lotion like this one. Its very very very cheap like almost the cheapest (or maybe the cheapest one) lotion in the market. And that was a giant lotion in 350 ml OMG. Its super BIG and CHEAP. I can spread all the lotion all over my body all the time. It is so much different when I'am applying another lotion (pricey so you need to be careful).

The thing that I'm a bit suspicious about the product is you can use the product in 4 years for the same bottle. 4 years? Yes this product contained two kind of parabens. Unfortunately the product performed realllly great on my skin but still it contained paraben so byeee :(

But I want to say that I'm having a really good time while using the product. And 350 ml is such a big amount of lotion and that was great. Other brands should follow their step to provide a really big amount of lotion but still safe to consume. 

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