Review Yves Laroche Body Spray : Romantic Musk & Amber Love


I’m waiting for midnight, who’s with me? ~~~ Waiting for internet connection \^^/

Tonight, I’m going to review my favourites body spray ever yeaaayyy!!! Check the review below !

I accidentally bought a body spray when I went to Gale months ago. Its called Yves Laroche. The product told me that they are under Cote d’Azur (how to pronounce this name -_-), a france parfums company. But the product manufactured in Jakarta. So, they have various body sprays like the green/ fresh one, yellow, pink, peach, purple etc. I bought the purple – after spent too much time in the corner LOL . I love the smell its kinda fresh and not too sweet. Honestly, I hate those kind of sweet parfums. Currently, I use the romantic musk body spray only for daily routine such as going to college, library (please dont say LOL). But still, I cant take my eyes off the green one. They do have various body sprays but its great for all variants.  

After I spent my money on something that I havent decide to spend on, I always go for reviews! Google is the first thing on my mind. Some reviews said that this is like almost the best body spray in the market. Glad, this is a good deal. They said the company have another good body spray to try and its called Amber Love or the yellow one. But this body spray is not availabe in the market. I was into online shopping for past months. Zalora announced that they were on free shipping and I looked for some beauty products on their website. Guess what? Amber love are available in Zalora. YEAYYY. They sent me the Amber Love. Once I sprayed the parfum, I was dizzy. The smell is too sweet, almost similar to vanilla but its strong. I told my mother and she said it was fine. My mother really love the smell. If you wonder , I can tell you its similar with those expensive sweet parfums in the market. The great thing about Amber Love is the product stay almost 12 hours. I still cant believe until this day. I mean body spray (not really that expensive) can stay longer and stronger compare to the other expensive ones. I used the Amber Love only for formal invitation such as interviews, wedding invitation etc.

The description told me that the products are flammable. So we need to keep away from flames. You can get this body spray in Matahari or Zalora. Zalora offer cheaper price but still you can only get cheaper price if only they are on free shipping. I used to travel a lot, I mean it must be great if I can bring along a small package body spray with me so that it wouldnt spend too much space on my bag.

Anyway, I know parfums/ body spray is not directly relate to skin care or make up. But, I think they are a complementary beauty product.


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