Pampering Your Skin with Etude House Pearl Extract Mask


Hi everyone !

Who's familiar with Etude House Masks? I bet some of you already tried varies of this mask. 
I got this mask from my friend, she told me that I can had this mask and I paid only less than 1 USD. I read somewhere that South Korea have a bunch of great masks. They said you can find a veryyyy veryyy cheap mask everywhere (like this one) but if you look for the quality, you can pay more. So I can say that I didnt expect anything from this mask. 

First, I love the shape. Its perfectly fit on my face. They have a single masks so you dont need to worry for applying multiple layer mask on your face fyuhhh. After you apply this mask, you can feel the cooling effect and that was great. The essence is just too much. When I opened the mask, its spread everywhere into the floor and my clothes OMG. I can say that they really put on too much essence in the product!!! After I found that the product over essence, I was a bit dissapointed and left my facial skin had this emoticon :( 

The brightening effect is not really good. I have another mask that having more good result in brightening so I can compare. But if you look only for pampering your skin, you can try this mask.  

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