How to Remove Blackhead Instantly?


Hey there ! Today I'm very excited to tell you about my experience to remove blackheads. I'm using the same steps right now cause I only have one hour to prepare an event. So these steps are fast, effective and also efficient. Check the steps. 

1. Take a tissue.
2. Fold the tissue so it will fit on your nose shape.
3. Dip your tissue in the warm water.
4. Put on the tissue on your nose
5. Repeat the steps until you sure your pores are opened.
You can say that I'm a bit crazy with pore strips. Cause its cheap and you can get it easily in the market. Here, they only sell Biore pore strips and Acnes pore strips. I usually go for Biore but recently I bought bunch of Acnes pore strips so now I'm using Acnes. People said pore strips are a bit tricky cause sometimes you can get your blackhead remove but other time its no use. So, I'm going to tell you that I've the same experience with you all. That's why I keep learning how it should be done so the blackheads can be removed perfectly. Why we need to take the first step? Opened pores help pore strips to remove blackheads. Just imagine you're having pore strips but you have such a tight pores. It doesnt help at all, thats why you need to open them. Knock and take them out.

1. Put on your pore strips (instructions available in the product)
2. Wait about 20 - 30minutes
3. Scrub your nose with a facial scrub

The next step is optional. Since we go for exfoliating, we need to make sure its perfectly clean. 

1. After wash my face with facial scrub
2. Put on mud mask , I'm using Innisfree Super Volcanic Mask
3. Wait 20-30 minutes
4. Wash and scrub with the mask residue

I hope this tutorial can help you. I plan to review both of the products just wait. If you have another tips and trick to remove blackheads/ whiteheads please tell in the comment box below. Feedbacks are appreciated. 

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2 komentar

  1. aku juga suka pakai pore strips, tapi baru tau kalau acnes ada pore stripsnya haha. duh kudet banget!

    btw, nice tutorial :)

  2. Iya, udah lumayan lama kok. Biasanya dijual di Superindo :D


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