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Today I’m going to review a skin care product from Mores. Mores is medium size skin care brand from Thailand and currently popular as in international. They released some of skin care products which is the most popular one is Mores White Booster. Mores White Booster is certified and guaranteed by Thai FDA and Korean FDA. So, it is safe for everyone !

Mores White Booster with the high perfomance PhytocellTech Technology from Switzerland plus high concentrated natural ingredients offer excellent whitening and skin beautifying effect, enhancing skin barrier, preventing acnes, pimples and reducing dark spots.

Mores White Booster dikemas dalam kemasan yang cute namun kuat. Pernah tidak sengaja saya menjatuhkan kemasan Mores White Booster dan ternyata botolnya tidak pecah ataupun retak sama sekali. Mores White Booster pun terlihat sangat cantik dengan kombinasi warna putih, pink dan silver untuk packaging produknya. Untuk membuka produknya, tinggal diputar ke arah kanan lalu ditekan. Sangat higienis dan tidak boros.

Ingredients :

So sorry for bad lighting and bad camera ._.

Recommend to use :
  • Use it day and night after cleansing to experience easy absorption
  • For instant skin booster, apply a thicker amount as whitening sleeping mask
  • For reducing dark spot or scar purpose, put the cream on the spot again after 5 minutes of first application
Mores White Booster promises :
  • White radiance
  • Anti dark spot
  • Anti skin infection and acne
  • Boost collagen and elastin
  • Strengthen skin barrier and skin structure

The result :

It works perfectly with my acnes and darks spot. I put on some of the product every night and surprisingly in the fourth night of using the product I see the result. It removes my dark spot without any breakout. Also it smells so good and the texture is a quite creamy so it is very easy to blend it all. 

Hasil dari Mores White Booster tidak instan. Saya tidak melihat ada perubahan tingkat kecerahan kulit wajah dalam jangka pendek, bisa dilihat gambar before and after diatas, namun mungkin akan ada hasil jika digunakan dalam jangka panjang. Namun, sejujurnya saya cukup kaget dengan kemampuan Mores White Booster menghilangkan bekas jerawat. Beberapa waktu lalu, saya mengaplikasikan lotion Mores White Booster di jerawat kering saya dan dalam waktu tiga hari bekas tersebut hilang tanpa bekas. It must be perfect for acnes and dark spot.

Mores White Booster 30ml
Price range 400,000- 500,000 IDR

Facebook : MoresOfficial
Instagram : Mores_Official

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