November-Desember HAUL


Yassss!!!! Finally, I post my first and probably the biggest haul ever in my life. I hope so. The items below are from my purchases, giveaway, and gifts. Most of them are from online shop gifts yeay! I dont feel like spending a lot of money but they are just coming to me say hi and I'm so happy to welcome a new family members. Here they are! It's a wrap!


PARDON some of items are forced to be in the picture

1. Takeda Professional Styling Iron (Mini Catok)/ Rp.80.000
Bought this at 50% discount and using this as a curling tools. Its works! If you're not familiar, Takeda is a styling brand under the famous Babyliss Pro brand. The price range is quite huge right compare to Babyliss?

2. Emina My Favorite Things Socialite Queen, Library Queen, Summer Queen and Dancing Queen/ Rp.48.000
Yes, I'm addicted to Emina. Its been a long time I want to buy lip color balm and finally I got it. It is moisturising enough and the stain is stayed all day long. I've already reviewed the library queen shade.

3. Emina Beauty Bliss Cream Natural/ Rp.32.000
I've used Emina Pop Rouge and Lip Shine since they sent me the products before and I've been so in love with Emina products. My friend is so in love with this bb cream. Why dont we give it a try?

4. Mizzu Black Eyeliner / Rp.27.000
Yasss! A lot of people raves this eyeliner. Since it is a pen, it must be easy to use, right?

5. City Color Be Matte Jasmine / Rp.70.000
My first ever Matte Lipstick. I got it as a prize after reviewing some beauty products in FemaleDaily.

6. Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Cannes Crush/ Rp.99.000
Dont ask me about this beautiful lip stain-tint. I'm craving the product for one year!!!! Finally on my hand!!!!

7. Revlon Big Brush Mascara in Brown
Something new for me. Decide to give it a try since I run out mascara.

8. The Face Shop Style Me Eyebrown No.1/ Rp.60.000
Best eyebrow pencil. Easy to use and quite affordable. Bye, Etude House!!!

9. Armando Caruso Crease Brush/ Rp. 39.000
The bristle is syntetic but not smooth enough for me.

10. Purbasari Daily Series Lipstick W09/ Rp.21.000
A giveaway prize. Purbasari probably plan to send only the bodycare series but suddenly I ask them can I have one of their famous matte lipstick series since it is so happening. But I saw this lipstick in my mailbox. I'm quite happy cause my friend said that the stain is pretty good.

11. Purbasari Lulur Mandi, Tego Deo and Lotion (giveaway prizes)
Yass. Firs time using lulur mandi from Purbasari and I had a good time using the product. Meanwhile for the rest of the prizes I'm not interest to use them. Just ask me if you want kekeke.


1. Skin 1004 Zombie Nose Pack / USD 2.
Got this from Fesyen. Gonna review this as soon as possible. First time using a triple nose masks.

2. Menard Foaming Net / Rp.11.000
A foaming net from Menard, a japanese brand. Recently I know that the foaming net is a complementary of one of Menard Facial Wash. 

3. Mustika Ratu  Masker Mundisari / Rp.6.500 (at 30% discount)
I've been craving the masks since May. So happy to see you at discount. A lot of people rave the products.

4. Mustika Ratu Masker Bengkoang / Rp.6.600 (at 30% discount)
An impulsive buying LOL. I love masks. Cant help to see there's a bunch of different masks in the market.

5. The Face Shop Character Masks / Rp.49.500
The face shop is recently having a selfie competition. All you need to do is to buy their character masks (I bought two of them and there were a sale : buy two get one, so I got three and bunch of samples). I won as the third winner and they sent me this characters mask and two of beautiful package below.

6. The Face Shop Special Set Core Seed Purifying Essence / USD 30
They know that recently I run out essence. 

7. The Face Shop Long Lasting Sun/ USD 20
Gonna use this for summer holiday.

Soon to be delivered, last items to be in end year haul.
1. Armando Caruso Travel Essentials Set N505/ Rp.62.500
Bought with my beauty points. Just give it a try. I aim for the brow brush and the foundation brush.

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Ginger Rose/ Rp/37.000
Already have two of them. A very beautiful color from Revlon Lipstick Series. I have a difficult time to choose which colour that I really want.

It's a wrap. 70% of my haul are freebies. I'm happy cause I dont have to spend a lot in my birthday month. Whats your haul? Share with me in the comment box below!

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