Leaders MEDIU Amino Moisture Mask Review : One of the Best Ever in the Market !


Hello, fellas!

Seems like me resting for too long. Havent been here for more than one month because i was busy to catch up with everything that should be cleared these days. Now, I’m back with a review of a korean sheet mask.
No picture was taken when using the sheet mask lol. I'm sorry guys.
I got this from one of my blogger friend and I saw this has been featured in one of skincare favorite video by meejmuse. So, I’m very excited to try Leaders sheet mask!

The texture of the sheet mask is one of the thing that we should appreciate for. It is a little bit hanging down at the first application, but after awhile it is going to stick on your skin and doesnt budging at all. So, the sheet mask is a gel sheet mask which absolutely my favorite among all korean sheet mask outside there. If you guys know, gel sheet mask tend to be very pricy and not all of them are good enough in moisturizing. This one is superb! I promise not to buy anything until next year cause I went little bit crazy in the beginning of this year, but as soon as I finished using this mask I went to stylekorean to see their newest sheet masks collection. Blame Leaders! Lol.

There are enough gel or essence inside the packaging. Your face will be soaked with good ingredients for moisturizing (this mask is supposed to be for dry skin). It doesnt feel sticky at all, again a good point. I love how the essence is absorped to my skin in one hour and still very moisturing even after a day.

I think the size of the mask is normal, not to small but it is also not very big neither. It didnt cover all my nose area, as usual. And it is  quite big for me cause I can drag it down below my chin area.  The particle is soft, but strong enough so that we dont need to worry about ripping off the sheet mask.

I give this 10/10. So far this is the best sheet mask that I have ever tried. I noticed that it was tightening my pores. This is what a sheet mask supposed to do. I love it! It’s going to be such a waste if you use it for morning routine like me, better to use it for pampering at night time. The essence is something that I need in my life. It is very moisturizing. 

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