Unboxing Althea [Trendy Box] Pore Care 101


Good morning, fellas. In the beginning of year, I purchased the one and only ever beauty box in my life. There is almost no reason for me to buy any beauty box because beauty box tend to have only one or two products that I've been interested into. But this beauty box is kinda different so I grabbed one and I didn't regret to have one. In the end of 2016, Althea Korea released their another trendy box called "Pore 101 box". This box supposed to be for people who concern about their skin pores and thats absolutely me! This box killed me at their first launching in their website. I was sold by all skincare stuffs inside this box. 

It takes 8 working days for the package arrived. I used their mobile application voucher code so I got 100.000 IDR off. The deal is real. This is my second purchase from Althea Korea. In November, I purchased some items that I couldnt buy from my korean trip cause i was sold by their special price. To be honest, their price are so much better than buying directly from Korea. The reason is clear, its because of the currency. So if you want to buy something but it's clearly available in Althea, buy it. Buy something that is not available in your country if you are visiting Korea, for example Pony Effect lip products that barely available online (lol this is another brand that makes me crazy when I visited Seoul last time). 

So, lets get into the box. 
The box was coming in pretty pink box, just as usual. I thought they were coming with their special christmas edition, but no worries I got the blue one also for my next purchase lol. The pink box was super duper large so that everything are fit into one packaging. Superb. 

Whats inside the box?

1. Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peeling Pad
This is one of the reason why I bought the trendy box. I'm aiming for Neogen Lemon Peeling Pad and COSRX pad but both of them are not in my budget. So I grabbed this instead. So many people raved about the Secret Key Lemon peeling gel. I guess their ingredients are still similar? I'm very excited to try this!

2. Rire Pore Tightening Fresh Toner
I was very excited to try this also. I gave up my Etude House toner for this. I'm very satisfied with the ingredients and their commitment to avoid paraben, mineral oil and talc!

3. Mamonde Rose Soothing Gel
Believe or not, I wasnt sold by any korean soothing gel. I have dry skin and believing that soothing gel will improve my skin condition is kinda impossible. But then, my friend asked me to buy Holika Holika soothing gel for her and she let me to try hers. What a surprise! Soothing gel is very moisturizing to be used as body lotion. My friend let me try another soothing gel, the Nature Republic and YET, both are very moisturizing as well. I know I made a good decision to buy this box. Good job, Nov!

4. Chica Y Chico Oil Clear Essence
I read a lot explanations about this particular essence. This is supposed to control sebum and very good in moisturizing at the same time. But as you guys know, I have dry skin. I'm going to let this pass to other people. Check my blog sale.

5. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (Soft)
It's a very good mask for tightening pores. I already used this for the past years. Read my review here.

6. Nella Cleansing Set (Cleansing Foam+Cleansing Brush)
I wasnt expecting that the brush will be soft. I'm very satisfied with this set. For clensing set, this is super affordable.

7. Masks
Here they are the additional that makes the box more interisting.
- Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder (Cleansing Treatment Powder)
-Etude House Pearl Sheet Mask
-My Beauty Rice Sheet Mask
-SkinFood Nose Strip (Unfortunately, I lost the nose strip. I've been looking for this but cant find it)

Not very exciting line of masks but the my beauty one is definitely new for me. You can read the Etude House Pearl sheet mask review here.

So thats the unboxing of Pore Care 101 Althea Box. Suscribe by entering your email in the right bar. I'm going to update about the third chapter of my Seoul trip. Keep updates! See you in my next post! 

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  2. The beauty box seemed worth every Rupiah. Mamonde is so hype, everyone's talking about Mamonde. Thanks for sharing!


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