Sheet Mask Stash : Cant Get Enough of Them


Hi fellas! Long time no see you. These days, I am super excited following the ab community new year challenge in instagram. I'm not joining the challenge, but I am super duper excited watching ab comunity posts in instagram. Since I dont have any courage to post any skincare tash in instagram, I'm going to post about my sheet mask stash here in my own blog. I've been wandering around my friends and families introducing sheet masks to them recently. Some of friends now are collecting around 10++ masks already lol. Back then, I had 100+ sheet mask on me but now I only have 40+. In last november, I have 70-80++ sheet mask when I just got back from Korea. But in two months, I lost 30++ of them because I was giving away to my friends and families. 

Unfortunately, I lost some of sheet masks when I try to take a photo of it so this all that I can get it to show you. Not all products here are my favorite but since some of them are new brand for me so I cant give you any recommendation. Personally, I love Innisfree sheet mask, especially the rose sheet mask. I bought them from IBeau two years ago and repurchased them for so many times. It is cheap and moisturizing. I'm very excited to try the leader mask. So many people raved about it and seems like worth to try. 

If you're a fanatic of skincare, you can search #abnewyearstashchallenge hosted by @peepingpomeranian in instagram.  I just cant get enough of sheet masks. Dont compare the amount of my sheet masks to ab community cause I'm definitely left behind. 

If you have questions regarding where I got all these masks you can ask in the comment box below. I picked up most of them directly in Korea. But you can definitely buy it in online store. 

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