How do We Change?


Such a good thing to start a long weekend today, writing something after taking a rest for a long time. This morning, an unknown instagram user mentioned me with such a long comment. I wonder why she mentioned to me, and I remember I mentioned her yesterday night. What are we talking about? We talked about the recent korean drama broadcasted by TvN, it is Cheese In The Trap. Cheese in the Trap starred by Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun. I start to watch the drama just because of my curiosity towards Park Hae Jin. I watched his drama “Bad Guy” and I fell for him. I expected the drama will be kind of lovey dovey romance end up being together with such a cute fights before the final. I didnt expect the drama will be complicated and full of emotions.

When I wrote this, they already released 10 episodes, means 6 remaining. Jung is a senior university student, just come back from military services, who is very popular among juniors and other seniors. He is handsome, kind but mysterious. Seol is his junior who catch his mysterious personality. Somehow Jung is suddenly approaching Seol and confessed to her. Seol is confuse but she accept the confession and they end up start a relationship. They start dating but always trapped in awkward situation. Seol is not sure wether Jung is real in love with her. She remembers the old Jung who is so cold to her. She has no idea why Jung is so much different compare to last year. But anyway they start to be comfortable with each other. Slowly both are deeply in love.

Not lying, Jung start to love her because she has similar personality just like him. Perfectionist, smart, and kind. Slowly, both are changed. Seol is introvert and she told to herself that she need to change. She become stronger and tougher. She changed dramatically compare to old Seol before dating Jung. Jung is watching Seol changed. Jung slowly become more open and trying not to be serious. But his way of change is waay too slow. That what makes Seol frustated, also viewers. He has so many secrets.

The show tell us that people changed. Every human has a personality that she/he want to be changed. Jung is also the same. But it is difficult. Friends are trying to help to open the knot but it is not easy. There is Seol who is helping Jung to change. We also have someone who is helping us to keep on the right track. How do we change? Thats the question. The show is full of emotion. Jung is frustated with his personality shown by his own judgment that he’s doing nothing wrong. Seol is patient trying to convice him.

How the drama reflects real life is the strength of the show. It is worth to wait every week to see the updates.

There are more shows that I enjoy to follow and it gives new insights for me. I finished Reply 1988 last month. That is also great. The way Jungpal realized that he is way too effortless is so precious. The writer told us that you will be left behind if you’re not putting effort on it (in every aspect of life). Beside the Cheese drama, I’m also following Signal, starred by Lee Jae Hoon. He is a good actor. He is a rookie but with great acting quality. There are only two episodes, still cant get the story. But it is worth to watch, very entertaining.

Reply 1988


 I’m going to write another self reflection based on what I’m following to. This kind of article will be one of writing option for me to fill this blog. You know that I’m mad in love with all korean related. Thats one of the reason I start this blog cause I’m so in love with korean skincare. And I hope people will be not confuse to see this kind of article available in this site. 

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