Q : Liliana, is that your name?
A : No, that's not my real name. Back then, I really love gaming and I've been known with my ID as Liliana S. That's the idea come from. But you can call me Lil. 

Q : Do you open for contributors?
A : Yes! I will be very happy if you send me your review about beauty products. I will give the credits back to you because that's not my own writing, right? 

Q : Can I send only one review?
A : We are very pleased if you send more than one so we can make you as our administrator also. But its okay to send only one then if you have another idea you can send to our email and we'll release your articles. 

Q : Are you looking for administrators also?
A : Yes. Basically this blog is my response from people around me who asked products review and they say they want to share their opinions also. I will look for administrators here start from my friends and my family. Some of them are already interest. To be an admins, you need to send me some reviews regularly or more than five then I can make you as an admins. 

Q : I'm interest to be a contributor. How can I start?
A : Send me your review and profile (social media IDs) to lilianasstory@gmail.com with the subject CONTRIBUTOR. We will reply your email and ask you your ID name that will be published. Dont worry, the credits will be yours. All photos editing is yours. So make sure you already edit your photos with the credits on. 

Q : Hai ! Blog ini bahasa indonesia atau bahasa inggris ya?
A : Hai ! Maaf ya kalau bingung. Blog ini bilingual kok. Jadi kadang tulisan disini bahasa inggris kadang bahasa indonesia. Nanti kalau ada kontributor ngepost dengan bahasa asing lain bisa juga lhoh. We are opening for diversity !

Q : Kok jarang review make up yah ?
A : Wah ini nih. Thats why we keep looking for new contributors. Because I'm not well experienced in make up. Yup I'm still learning about it but I do love skincare. 

Q : Review skincare nya kok jedanya lama ya?
A : This is what we need to know, girls. I need to try out the products in a long periode. So thats why its called skincare, baby. And it didnt promise you real result even in a long periode of using. It takes more than three months before I start to write my review. But dont worry, I'm giving the explanation how long I've been trying out the product in my post so some products (most of them are sponsored) I've been trying in short period of using. Thats why we called it as first impression. 

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